Customer testimonials

Steven A Enea DDS

"I have been a dentist for thirty years.  One of the lessons I have learned in that time is that if you surround yourself with people that make life easier, life is more enjoyable.  Prosmiles, not only makes practicing dentistry more enjoyable, they make you look GOOD!"

Steven A Enea DDS

Abraham E. Stein, DMD MS - The Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry

"As a prosthodontist, I am very particular about the durability and engineering of the implant restorations I place in my patient's mouths. Whether it's a full arch implant, fixed restoration or a single implant crown, I have been thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail of the entire ProSmiles team. Delivering restorations is typically very straightforward with minimal to no adjustment needed to proximal or occlusal surfaces. The fit is precise, the aesthetics are spot on, and most of all, my patients are happy. Knowing that only authentic implant parts are used is a big deal to me since the longevity of the restoration is critical. In my experience, very few labs use authentic implant parts but rather mill or machine in house, which often results in sub-optimal fit at the implant-abutment interface. With authentic machined parts, I can be certain that the abutment, screw, and implant are matched properly. I highly recommend ProSmiles lab for the quality of materials, fantastic aesthetics, and customer service." 


Joshua Friedman DDS - Ray Dental Group

In addition to providing highly aesthetic and superior fitting prosthetics, Nick and his team at Prosmiles are a pleasure to work with.  Prosmiles dedication to excellence and vast knowledge of dental materials allow them to complete a wide variety of fixed cases both on teeth and implants.  I would have no other lab fabricate my fixed cases.

Scott D. Lingle, DDS - St. Paul Dental Center & Great Lakes Implant Institute

"Having treated patients with implants for over 30 years, I have had to use a number of labs in order to keep up with the newest technology, materials, and techniques. ProSmiles Dental Studio has the expertise to give us the precision, quality, and exactly what we request. Even the lab Rx forms cover all the aspects of the implant restorations we use so we can just check the boxes. Whether you are new to the implant field, or an advanced demanding professional, I couldn't recommend ProSmiles more highly."

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