Should you be concerned about what lab your dentist is using?

July 19, 2016

Most dentists are concerned with their patients and deeply care about their industry and their patient’s health and welfare. But, like any profession there are a few who value raw profit over everything else.


As an example, recently I posed a question on an Internet forum directed at dentists and their staff regarding what they look for in a dental lab.  There were about 10 responses. Nine out of the ten mentioned things like authentic components, fair costs and talked about materials used and the like.  However, one response in particular was shocking.


---“I'm an MBA that helps my wife (a dentist) run the business end of things. So, if I could outsource the lab work to Malaysia without worrying about killing the patients, I probably would.”----



To be fair to the person that posted this, I’m sure it was hyperbole. I HOPE it was hyperbole.


The takeaway from this would be to make sure YOUR dentist is using a US lab and one that isn’t in someone’s basement. As there are few regulations for dental labs in most states, (if at all) not all dental labs are the same. When someone is concerned more about costs than quality, patient welfare can sometimes take a backseat.




At ProSmiles Dental Studio, we take pride in not outsourcing our products. We take pride in using authentic components.  Our technicians continue to learn about new technologies and craftsmanship techniques every day.


We are concerned not only about keeping our prices competitive but foremost providing the best quality and performance of our work.  We feel that the patient is by far the most important person in the process. When we help a dentist make his or her patient feel great, WE feel great.

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