Choosing the right dental lab for your practice

July 5, 2016

There are many reasons dentists choose a new dental lab for their practice. Perhaps you are unsatisfied with your current lab. Maybe your lab has closed or changed how they do things and it’s no longer compatible with your practice. Sometimes dentists find new and better ways to do things and their current lab can’t keep up with the changes.


No matter the circumstances, choosing the right lab to work with you and your practice is an important decision.


According to an article by Lauren Burns in the April 2013 issue of Dental IQ, the top 4 reasons dentists switch labs are: Inconsistent quality, high prices, slow turnaround and poor communication.


There are some reasons why some labs fail at these basic principles. Since there are no set regulations for dental labs many labs do the bare minimum to turn a profit. Several labs outsource their work. Many labs don’t keep up with current trends and the latest technology. And finally, larger labs often have difficulties maintaining good relationships with their customers. Dentists are treated as a number in a vast sea of other dentists and don’t get the same attention as they would from a local lab.


A great dental lab will recognize the importance of each customer and strive to become an integral part of a mutually beneficial working relationship with the dentists they serve. A great dental lab, offers transparency. You should be able to take a tour of your dental lab and see the conditions they maintain.  Great dental labs don’t outsource. They control the quality and timeliness of their work in-house. A great dental lab maintains fair, competitive prices to both better serve their customers but still maintain a profit to keep their business healthy. 


At ProSmiles Dental Studio, we would love to serve you. But, even if you don’t choose us as your dental lab, we hope you take a look at your current lab to make sure they really are meeting your needs and providing you with the level of quality, consistency and professional service you deserve. Feel free to stop by and see us any time or visit

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