Why are authentic components important?

June 23, 2016

In an attempt to cut costs many labs use third party components for their implants or attempt to create their own components.

When it comes to patient health and welfare is it really wise to cut corners to save pennies?


 There are three parts to an implant – the integrated titanium post, the abutment, and the crown. An implant is attached to the bone and should mimic a real tooth in both aesthetics and function. They should be strong, dependable and permanent.



Every part of the implant design must be in balance to make sure there is enough strength and stability in the long-term service of the implant and restoration for the patient.


For long term performance you want components that are properly matched, have a precise fit and have the proper preload on screws.


Authentic components provide the exact dimensions, tolerances and materials needed for their corresponding prosthetic components.


Non-original or authentic components cause problems like screw loosening, micro movement, micro gaps and bacterial contamination. This could lead to bone loss, abutment or implant failure.


This is because when non-genuine components are used or created they don’t have the same measurement precision. They are only guessing at the OEM tolerances and don’t have the same sample size to work with for OEM measurements. When copings don’t fit with the same precision there are gaps that threaten the integrity of the entire structure.


It should also be noted, you will lose company warranties on the implants and restorations without authentic implant components.


At first glance, components may look like a good fit but on the microscopic level there are gaps and inconsistencies that are not found with authentic components. This compromises the strength and integrity of the implants. Remember:

“compatible” doesn’t mean original. There are strict manufacturing specifications by OEM companies that cannot possibly be duplicated without certain guesses.


You should insist on only using authentic components when dealing with your lab. After all, your lab is there to make YOU look good. When a patient has a less than ideal experience because of issues with their implants, it’s bad for everyone involved.

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