Screw-Retained Implant Restorations

Screw Retained Implant Restorations – are a great cost effective alternative to cement retained solutions over customized implant abutments.  They are retrievable and we offer a variety of individual customization services from solid monolithic BruxZir restorations to aesthetic layered porcelain solutions.  Custom castable UCLA solutions are available upon request.

Full Arch Cases

Please call us to discuss your full arch applications, materials, implant selection, and surgery guide options.

Digital Impressioning

Clinicians are leveraging their investments in chairside digital impression systems by partnering with digitally enabled laboratories to streamline their workflow and reduce the time and cost of treatment. For both traditional and implant restorations, we accept digital impression scans for 3Shape TRIOS, PLANSCAN, and 3M True Definition Scanner. With digital impressions, you’ll save on impression material, trays and one-way shipping.

Digital Impression systems help to streamline the workflow and reduce the time and cost of treatment.

All Ceramic/Zirconia Restorations

Our All Ceramic and Zirconia restorations are an affordable alternative to PFMs. These metal free products offer superior fractural toughness. Every restoration is individually handcrafted or processed using CAD/CAM milling technologies.

PFM Restorations

We apply the latest technology in processing your PFMs.  Our goal is to ensure every PFM case you prescribe consistently exhibits ideal fit, contacts, occlusion, and esthetics that will seat with little to no chair-side adjustment.

Full Cast Restorations

Our full cast restorations are the standard for providing long-term durability of posterior crowns.  We have eliminated price variations by extending flat rate pricing to you and your patients in four easy economical solutions. 

Custom Implant Abutments

Titanium – Improve the esthetic emergence for your patients and create long-lasting predictable restorations with custom Titanium abutments.  Milled from solid Titanium Alloy our custom abutments are exceptionally strong with a proven track record of bio-compatibility. ProSmiles is proud to provide Authentic Titanium Abutments with an implant company specific retentive superstructure.  ProSmiles also offers gold-hue anodization as an optional service

Zirconia Hybrids – Hybrid abutments combine the mechanical reliability of a titanium base with the esthetic advantages of a shaded zirconia substructure. A seamless transition is achieved because the shade of the zirconia hybrid abutment precisely matches that of the final crown. The result is a more natural-looking outcome that eliminates the unaesthetic show-through often seen when traditional titanium or standard, unshaded zirconia abutments are used.

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